Jeremy T. Black

Jeremy Black was inspired to write the play on which “Another Harvest Moon” is based on events in his own life. When his grandmother began to forget her grandchildren he was the first to slip away from her memory. His experiences at the time, helping his mother care for her, is the basis of the character June, as well as being part of the emotional springboard from which the play later emerged.

Years after her death another elderly relative tried to end her life by taking an inadequate amount of pills. She had lived a long and productive life and decided to die as she had lived—decisively and with bravery. For this she was locked up for observation. The inspiration for the play came from a call she made to him from that place. She had been infantilized, all her powers taken from her. Jeremy says he will never forget her broken spirit.

Jeremy’s plays have been read or produced at the Seattle Fringe Festival, NW Playwright’s Guild, NW Actors Studio, and UCLA’s Department of Theatre, Film, and Television, among other venues. Starlight Stories, written while Jeremy pursued his MFA in Theatre at UCLA and developed in readings by ASK Theatre Projects, UCLA, and Wolfskill Theater, was produced by Wolfskill Theater at the Los Angeles Theatre Center and more recently by Stages in Fullerton, California.

Other plays include Queer Soldiers, Private Smiles, Sparks, and the children’s play Philo Taylor Farnsworth Invented TV, one of two plays written to be performed by students with special needs. |