Jeffrey A. Cunningham

After a six-year stint in commercial radio and spinning records in underground dance clubs, Jeffrey started cutting his teeth as a camera assistant in Dallas, Texas.

A few years later the two great loves of his life, filmmaking and rock climbing, beckoned him to Los Angeles. In his early days as a cinematographer he shot mostly commercials, music videos and documentary projects. He found the storytelling aspect of docs to be incredibly satisfying, as well as the diverse subject matter. He shot with Republic of Texas separatists, Tijuana prostitutes, Bering Sea fishermen, Appalachian coal miners, women attempting to climb K2 and racers competing in the Baja 1000.

During this same period, he shot many more short films on a wide variety of subjects, ranging from teen love to pedophilia.

He had worked on and shot feature films in the past, but usually found himself frustrated by the amount of time and energy expended and the significance of the end result. That all changed, in a very organic way, when Greg Swartz showed him the script for Another Harvest Moon.

“I knew this film was going to be something special and I wanted to be part of it,” he says. |