Greg W. Swartz

Greg Swartz realized when screenwriter Jeremy Black showed him the script of his play Another Harvest Moon that this could be turned into a screenplay and would be the ideal vehicle for his own feature directing debut.

The story was important to Greg as he had just experienced the pain of his own father’s death. Jeremy honed the script and brought formerly off-stage characters onto the screen and took the story out of the confining nursing home where it is set.

Greg is not exactly a newcomer to Hollywood. He has worked on film sets in various capacities including production manager and was on the crew of Twin Falls Idaho. He has also directed a number of short films, including 57 Sunny Days, Dead Ronnie, Betsy, Take It Easy and Hollywood Pennsylvania. He wrote the latter two.

A script Jeremy and Greg wrote together has been sold to a small production company. With the intriguing title “The Gordons at the End of the World”, it is about a family that refused to evacuate during the Three Mile Island tragedy. It’s taken from his own childhood, when he and his family did evacuate. |